Should The Tobacco Industry Be Getting Scared?

People are starting to get the impression that Big Tobacco may need to start getting worried. With more and more e cigarette users coming about on a daily basis it doesn’t take a genius to see how e cigarettes are gaining more and more popularity.

Taking the small cigar market head on, at this rate, shows that e cigarettes are not slowing down anytime soon. This has led to speculation that the tobacco industry may take the “if you can’t beat ’em” approach and start investing in e cigarette technology as a means to hang onto their customers. However this may actually backfire on them. While having the name brand recognition of big tobacco companies may bring a few first time users most e cigarette users started using the product to get away from the Big Tobacco industry. This could result in a backlash of customers who feel that big tobacco would be intruding on their product.

Another reason why the tobacco industry could have difficulty adapting to the e cigarette market is that there are already well established brands that have been producing e cigarettes for years and have their system down. No matter how well known big tobacco’s brand names may be it will still seem like a relative newcomer is entering the game.

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