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V2 Cigs is a social anomaly, but do they stand up to the hype as the flagship… or top rated e cigarette brand in the industry?  This is one of the most popular e cigarettes on the market to date and sales are still rocketing to levels that are far above average. But there are some things you need to know about before you buy into this company and their product. know where you stand before you buy! Read and be warned before you buy!


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V2 offers one of the best mini-style e cigarettes available in the market called the KR808D1. This popular 2-piece style features a battery and cartomizer, which is an atomizer and refill cartridge combined into one unit. Cartomizers can hold up to 7 drops, and refilling is super easy.

All in all, we are thoroughly satisfied and happy with our V2 e cig. Great prices for an awesome product backed by an excellent level of service.

Why V2Cigs is No.1 on Smokers Utopia

V2 Cigs is more than just a social anomaly, they are no 1 for a reason.

1. They batch test all of their e liquids for safety, consistency and quality.
2. They batch test all of their cartomizers for safety, consistency and quality.
3. They batch test batteries for voltage, puffs per charge, voltage, charge time & battery rating.
4. They use “puff Testers” that test the average amount of puffs you get from their cartomizers.

This means you get the same performance from each and every battery, cartomizer and e liquid each and every time. If you do as I have and fall in love with their Sahara flavor (Tastes like Camel , but much smoother), you can expect the exact same flavor each and every time, unlike almost all of today’s brands.

We recently made a trip to meet the people of V2 Cigs and see their operation and it was eye opening to say the least.  Knowing the technology, consistency, attitude and sheer professionalism of their leadership, there is no wonder they are so popular. Although they have a few things we don’t care for (we cover that further down), they are the best in the industry as far as we are concerned. We know that we can send you to them with full confidence that we have suggest the best e cigs and the best overall company.


Price – 3.5/5

V2’s prices are without a doubt better than Green Smoke‘s. For the same items in Green Smoke’s Express kit (minus the USB passthrough), you are getting the same 1 battery, 10 cartomizers, 1 wall and 1 USB charger… but for only $59.95, as opposed to $89.95.

V2’s Standard Kit includes 2 batteries, 10 cartomizers, 1 wall, 1 USB charger for $64.95.

What we’re not too crazy about are V2’s battery prices, which start at $16.95 for a basic 150 mAh rating. Their standard battery, which holds the average mAh of 250, costs $19.95. The largest mAh capacity is 380 and is priced at $22.95. The high cost is due to their warranty coverage.

Customer Service – 5/5

Nothing but kudos here! We had to contact customer service because we didn’t receive notification our package had shipped, and a representative responded within an hour. That’s a fast response time to our e-mail… and the package arrived promptly to boot.

Warranty – 3/5

Eek – we’ve got a bone to pick with their so-called “lifetime” warranty because V2 has manipulated the definition of the word. “Lifetime” means the duration of an object’s life, and, in this case, V2 has decided the lifetime of a battery is only good for 5 replacements.

So now “lifetime” = 5? Eh, don’t think so…

Don’t get us wrong: we think the warranty covering 5 replacement parts is a great one. We just can’t stand when terms are intentionally misused to deceive the public. And for the intentional deception, V2 gets docked an extra point.

Word of advice: no matter which e cigarette company you purchase from, make sure you read through their entire terms and conditions! And don’t forget to check out our other electronic cigarette reviews, where we let you know up front which companies might be out to get you and which ones will bend over backwards to help you.

Selection – 4/5

V2 offers a wide selection of flavors and offers e liquid, which we’re huge fans of. Whether you are a traditional tobacco smoker or like to experiment with different flavors, V2 has a flavor that is bound to please!

Though V2 started with a limited e liquid flavor selection, they upped their variety to feature a total of 10 different flavors, including their V2 Red tobacco, menthol, mint tea, and more. Their 10 flavors are also available in their cartomizers.








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