Safe Cig Review


Safe Cig Review






THE BAD: SafeCig appears to be out of business! The domain is up for sale, and it sometimes redirects us to a company called Seminole Cig, another e cigarette brand.

THE GOOD: South Beach Smoke has a generous offer for affected SafeCig customers: a free starter kit! Click here to go to their website and redeem their more than generous offer!

A company’s warranty and the process in which to claim a replacement for a defective unit are of extreme importance to us. The length of time coverage lasts, the misuse of the term “lifetime”, and what the companies’ fine print actually states are often contradictory, but Safe Cig may be the only company we’ve reviewed thus far to offer extended coverage without the fine print and contingencies.

Price – 2.5/5

Safe Cig’s prices are anything but low. In order to offer and honor its warranty coverage, the prices must be kept high to offset the costs of replacements and potential loss.

Safe Cig’s Original e cigarette comes in 3 different starter kits:
1) Starter Kit – $69.95: 1 battery, 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger, 7 cartomizers
2) Starter Kit Pro – $89.95: 2 batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger, 7 cartomizers
3) Starter Kit Deluxe – $137.95: 3 batteries, 2 USB Chargers, 1 Car Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Safe Case (carry case), 2 7-packs cartomizers

Refill cartomizers are $17.95 and come 7 per pack, making each  cartomizer $2.56, and replacement batteries are as follows:
Arc MAX – $32.95; Original Arc – $29.95 (white), $39.95 (black)

Safe Cig also offers a Micro line, also offered in 3 different starter kit types, which is considerably less expensive than the Original and whose batteries feature 280 mAh.

Customer Service – 3/5

The customer service representative we spoke to over the phone was courteous, but we weren’t satisfied with the answers we were given.

As noted above, the Original is considerably more expensive than the Micro, but, get this: The Original’s batteries are rated at 190 mAh and the Micro is at 280 mAh. This makes no sense whatsoever. We were told the Original “is bigger and lasts longer”. When we pressed on and expressed our concern for the price discrepancy and the mAh capacities not really making sense, we were told, “That’s what I have here in my notes” -_-

In addition, we cannot praise them for their abilities to keep stock.

Our very first order consisted of the Original Deluxe kit with Traditional cartomizers. Strangely, we could only have that one pack of Traditional because they *suddenly* ran out of stock. For the other cartos, we chose Macedonian, Columbian, and Menthol. Flavors were all excellent and varied, and wanted to reorder the Macedonian, Menthol, and Traditional.

Well, that didn’t happen because the latter two were out of stock. We were told by the kind representative the stock would be in “hopefully by the end of the week”, but it actually took an additional 2 weeks on top of the “end of the week” before the stock arrived.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones experiencing flavored cartos withdrawal because a slew of other customers on Safe Cig’s Facebook profile were going through the same exact thing. And, not suprisingly enough, Safe Cig is *still* having problems with keeping stock to this very date (7/24/12).

Warranty – 5/5

If you read about our post on warranty coverage, you’ll know we’re huge sticklers for how the company *claims* to handle warranties and what their fine print states. Safe Cig may be the only one to receive a 5 star rating because it holds true to its lifetime warranty claim. Sure, we may not like the system of sending back a battery to receive one, but a lifetime warranty that really truly is for a lifetime?

To claim a warranty, a Safe Cig representative must first be contacted, and the unit sent to the company. Processing can take up to 3 days, and then shipping will take an additional 3-5 days. Always have extras on hand.

Selection – 3.5/5

We enjoy their extensive tobacco-flavored cartomizer line, and we like their PCCs. No liquid and lack of customization lend its 3.5 star rating.

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