Starfire Cigs Review


Starfire Cigs Review


Great prices and a nice e cigarette starter kit at a reasonable price and 5 star customer service is the beacon of light that they offer to smokers. They offer all of the stuff you want as a smoker looking at the e cigarette as an alternative.

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Price – 4.5/5

Low prices all around.

PCCs alone run anywhere from $25-40, so it’s very pleasant when a company offers it along with 2 batteries, 1 pack of cartomizers, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall charger for a low price of $59.95. Typically, other companies will offer just the basics (batts, cartos, chargers) for the same price, but Starfire includes a PCC with it. By itself, Starfire’s PCC costs $29.95.

Cartomizer 5-packs are priced at $9.99, comparable to Firelight Fusion’s cartomizer packs at $9.95.

Batteries are priced low at $12.95, and charger adapters start at $10.95.

Customer Service – 5/5

Good people relations is rare these days and anyone can ask how you’re doing, but when the person on the other line asks this question *genuinely* and responds in a caring fashion, you score points in our book. Our order arrived promptly and complete.

Warranty – 4/5

Like Green Smoke and Ever Smoke, Starfire offers a full 1-year warranty, but the defective part must first be returned to their warehouse and at the expense of the customer. As covered in our warranty post, this process can take up to two weeks. If you’ve got back-up, cool. If not, prepare for a rough few days while you wait on new parts to come in. If Starfire isn’t appealing to you yet, go check out our other reviews where we search for the best electronic cigarette!

Selection – 3/5

Although Starfire offers clothing merchandise, they don’t offer e liquid and are somewhat lacking in the flavors departments, hence their 3-star rating. Not discounting their Mini and their primary starter kits, which are good as-is, we’d like to see more variety and more options, possibly more customization with their starter kits. Bundles at a discount would be a good starting point for Starfire.

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