SmokeTip Review


SmokeTip Review


SmokeTip offers competitive pricing, a reliable e cigarette model (also the infamous KR808D1), and a rich variety of cartomizer flavors. How does this stack up to its competitors? It may not be the best electronic cigarette in the world, but it deserves a good look.

Price – 4.5/5

SmokeTip has just one starter kit, which includes two 180 mAh batteries, five cartomizers, one USB charger, and one wall charger for $59.95. Plus, free USPS Priority shipping. Good starter kit price? Check.

When stocking up on batteries, we highly recommend purchasing the 350 mAh capacity battery for only $24.95. Other companies offer a standard 180-250 mAh battery at the same price – and sometimes higher. Plus, the cost of their 180 mAh battery is already $18.95. Might as well spend the additional $6 for a battery that’s almost twice the power!

Customer Service – 5/5

Considering our utter disagreement with SmokeTip’s warranty policies (covered below), we admit they are some of the nicest people ever. No problems with shipping.

Warranty – 2/5

On the homepage, SmokeTip’s warranty seems simple enough. But make sure you read the terms and conditions page for full details. We’ll attempt to break it down as simple as possible below.

If you read our post about warranty coverage, you’ll know we’re meticulous about what the warranty *really* covers and how the company processes replacements. So, naturally, we let a bit of an exasperated sigh when we saw the use of “lifetime” again… but does SmokeTip live up to its end of the bargain?

SmokeTip offers a “lifetime warranty” that goes a lil’ something like this:

If your battery stops working, make sure to order 3 or more cartomizers on your next order, and SmokeTip will send a free battery. Each pack contains 10 cartomizers, making each carto the price of $2. This system would work for the vaper who wants the ease and convenience and just replacing cartos and never having to refill them with liquid.

If you don’t want to place an order for cartomizers and just want the replacement battery, the process get a bit trickier. Like other companies, they require you obtain an RMA to return and are presented with one of two choices:

1) Receive the replacement battery with your next cartomizer order, or
2) You can pay a [ridiculous] $9.50 processing fee to have your battery sent without an additional cartridge order.

Fee this, fee that. Gee, these e cigarette companies are starting to sound like the DMV.

This entire process hardly sounds like a lifetime warranty because there really is no warranty. The replacement of your broken battery is entirely contingent on either the purchase of a minimum 3 cartomizer packs or fronting a $9.50 processing fee.

For their overpriced battery prices and intentionally misleading pseudo-lifetime warranty, SmokeTip gets a 2 rating.

Selection – 3.5/5

SmokeTip is somewhat lacking in the starter kit department. Sure, they offer one solid kit, but we feel there could be more than just one type. Perhaps a bundle of some sort? A discount on two kits? Featuring only one type of starter kit, we feel a lack of customization.

The plus side is the approximately 19 different flavors of cartomizers, the USB pass through, and the travel charger case. No e liquid, but remember: SmokeTip’s big selling point is cartomizer packs.

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