Premium E Cigarette Review


Premium E Cigarette Review


Premium’s forte is in the ultimate customization of battery and cartomizer colors, but does it stack up to its competition in terms of price and service?

What factors influence your choice to purchase an e cigarette?

Price – 4/5

Premium’s PR110 is $79.95 and features the same amount of goodies in a standard KR808D1 kit: two batteries, six cartomizers, USB and wall charger. Their “premium” tobacco flavored cartomizers are $13.50 for a 5-pack, while the other flavors, including a standard tobacco flavor, are $12.50 for 5.

Prices are roughly the same as V2 but more expensive than E Cigarettes National‘s Firelight Fusion. Replacement batteries and their expensive prices are tiring at $24.95.

Customer Service – 5/5

Ordering was a cinch. Everything in our order arrived intact.

Warranty – 1/5


Premium’s limited 1-year warranty REALLY means you’re covered for two replacements and any replacement you require after the initial two requests are subject to a $6.95 shipping and handling fee.

PLUS, the fee to ship it back is covered by – you guessed it – you. I don’t know what you’d consider this, but this certainly doesn’t sound like a one-year warranty, and we don’t think it’s how a warranty should be.

Selection – 4/5

Colors and flavors! Premium offers a wide selection of beautifully-colored batteries and cartomizers in such flavors as Irish cream, Cola, clove, cherry, and caramel. Plus, the cartomizers are color-coded, according to the flavor of the liquid, which can create some pretty interesting color combinations… purple battery with “mossy green” carto? Combinations are plentiful. Premium also carries design carry cases, which, though creative, are expensive at $19.95 per case.

Although there are certainly plenty of customization options, the downside is the lack of e liquid. And, as always, using e liquid in your Premium e cigarette is subject to warranty voiding. For this, their final selection rating is 4/5.

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