Ozone Smoke Review


Ozone Smoke Review


How do you discern from one e cig company to the next? Most claim to offer a superior product but fall short in other aspects, such as customer service or warranty coverage.

Meet Ozone Smoke, a well-rounded company with good kit prices, free shipping, and stellar warranty coverage!

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Price – 3.5/5

3 starter kit types: Premium, Deluxe, and Ultimate.

$69.95 is the cost of their Premium kit, which includes 1 long and 1 short battery, 6 cartomizers, 1 wall charger, and 1 USB charger.

The Deluxe is priced at $109.95 and includes everything the Premium has plus a carrying case and 3 additional cartomizer packs. Normally, the 3 cartomizer packs ($37.50) and carrying case ($14.95) would cost an additional $52.45, so the Deluxe discounts an extra $12.45. Good discount, although the carrying case itself is steep at $14.95.

The Ultimate kit costs $129.95 and has the same items as Premium plus 5 cartomizer packs, 1 car charger, and 1 carrying case with USB adapter.

A 5-pack of cartomizers runs at $12.50, and there are discounts when purchasing larger quantities. There are 3 different battery sizes (and, thus, capacities): short (200 mAh), standard (250 mAh), and long (300 mAh). All batteries are priced at $19.95 apiece.

Considering the warranty coverage, Ozone Smoke’s starter kits are priced well. Plus, they offer free shipping!

Customer Service – 5/5

A great bunch of people. Our order arrived quickly, and responses from their customer support representatives have been positive.

Warranty Coverage – 5/5

Coverage is for 1 year AND defective parts do not need to be sent back to the company first.

A solid 1-year warranty.

Selection – 3/5

Disappointingly, no e liquid.

“Up to 400 puffs” adorns their cartridges page. Unless you plan on taking split second drags, then the 400 count is an exaggerated estimate. This is common practice in the e cig industry and is like car companies’ claims of X miles per gallon when it’s usually less in reality.

We believe Ozone Smoke would be a good first choice for those who are new because of their prices, warranty coverage, and carto flavor options. Plus, Ozone Smoke’s model is the KR808D1, which we believe to be one of the best and most reliable mini-style e cigarettes available today.

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