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Don’t let your potential initial judgment of Intellicig’s site and products deter you because, though it may scream “CHINA”, their e cigarette and customer service are solid. Our biggest qualm about Intellicig? Their prices, and, unfortunately, preposterous prices are not our cup o’ tea.

Price – 1.5/5

Overpriced and disappointing.

The EVOlution Express includes 1 battery, 5 ECOpure cartomizers, and 1 USB charger. For $39.99, its price is about average for a 1-battery kit and is most comparable to Vapor King’s Express Kit.

Their Deluxe Starter Kit is $139.99 and includes:
2 EVOlution batteries
3 Chargers: USB, home, & car
25 ECOpure cartomizers

Ouch? We’re starting to feel like we’ve been robbed

Especially when you compare it to the Firelight Fusion Traveler’s Kit which includes 4 batteries, 30 cartomizers, 2 chargers (wall & USB), and a metal case for only $96.95. When we compare, the thought of a so-called “Deluxe” kit at $149.99 becomes more absurd.

5-packs of cartomizers are $21.99, making each carto $4.40, perhaps the most expensive we’ve seen for carto prices so far. Buying a 10-pack costs $37.99, dropping the per unit price down to $3.79.

ECOpure e liquids are $9.99 for every 10 milliliters – pricey. Buying additional 10 ml bottles grants discounts.

Bottom line: e liquid and e cigs are a dime a dozen on the ‘net, and Intellicig’s prices aren’t helping them to compete in this super competitive market one bit!

Customer Service – 4.5/5

Ordering was a breeze. Package arrived promptly.

The only downside was half of the shipping box was pretty mangled, like it had been beat up. Because the EVOlution kit we purchased is housed in a very flimsy and thin piece of cardboard (or more like cardstock paper), its box was pretty beat up, too. Luckily, except for one cartomizer’s tip that got smashed, the rest of the goods were undamaged.

Although Intellicig wasn’t exactly to blame for the beat-up box, the cartomizer would have probably made it completely intact if their EVOlution was stored in a sturdier box.

Warranty – 3/5

30 days. Not necessarily a bad thing… but if the prices are this high, we’d expect more than just 30 days.

Selection – 4/5

E liquids available in a variety of flavors, disposables, a carry case, and a PCC are Intellicig’s other offerings. Selection is good.

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