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How would you describe an exceptional e cigarette?

Great vapor? Nice overall feel? Great throat hit?

If these characteristics are what you’re looking for in an e cigarette, then Green Smoke may be the one you’re looking for!  If Green Smoke doesn’t appeal to you and you’re on the hunt for another brand, check out our other best electronic cigarette reviews.

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The Green Smoke e cigarette model is a KR808D2 (or E9 from a Chinese wholesaler/supplier), which is not to be confused or interchanged with the KR808D1. These two models are incompatible because the thread sizes and voltage ratings are different.

While the 808D2 is in and of itself a good model, we prefer the 808D1 for several reasons. The 808D1 is easier to refill with e liquid, and it’s easier to find compatible products because so many other companies, like Firelight Fusion electronic cigarettes, offer it (and at much lower prices).

Price – 2/5

If there’s one word to sum up our reaction to Green Smoke’s prices, it would be WHOA!

Their basic kit is called Express and features just one battery, one 5-pack of cartomizers, two chargers (USB & wall), and one USB passthrough for the high cost of $89.99.

Their top offering, Ultimate, is priced at $159.99 and generally has what most standard kit offerings from some other companies include: three batteries, ten cartomizers, one USB passthrough, two USB chargers, one carrying case, and two additional chargers, wall and car.

Battery prices are expensive. One costs a whopping $34.99 and their three-battery super pack is priced at $69.99.

Of course, their higher prices are used to offset the costs associated with upholding their warranty, which we believe is one of the best in the industry because of its duration, although Green Smoke uses wording we’re not exactly fans of.

Customer Service – 5/5

Our experience with Green Smoke’s customer service and shipping was very positive. Nothing negative to report here!

Warranty – 4/5

Green Smoke is one of those companies that throws the two contradictory words together: “limited” and “lifetime”.

Usually, lifetime means “forever” or something along those lines and it certainly doesn’t mean “limited”. Green Smoke’s warranty applies to batteries and is good for one year. After the one-year period, you’re entitled to three more replacements on the condition that you’ve made a cartridge purchase within three months of the replacement request.

It should be noted that Green Smoke’s warranty is void if, according to #3 on their warranty page, non-Green Smoke liquid is used with their product (see our post about refilling here). It should also be noted that Green Smoke requires defective units to first be sent back first prior to receiving a replacement. This process can take up to two weeks or more.

Selection – 2/5

In terms of liquid selection, Green Smoke is limited, and the set-up of their cartomizers is the way it is so they can maximize their profits. E-liquid use is highly recommended for anyone who wants to save the most money with vaping, which is something we imagine everyone would want to do.

Consequently, a company makes less money when used cartridges are refilled with e-liquid.

So what does Green Smoke do? They don’t offer e liquid at all. Their cartomizers do come in a small array of flavors, but a smoker will have to stock up on flavored e-liquids from another company if they plan to venture out.

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