Firelight Fusion Review


Firelight Fusion Review


Fusion is the ever popular KR808D-1 model. They have free shipping and 5 star customer service that pretty much sets the bar in the e cigarette industry. Other perks? Lots of vapor, long lasting, powerful batteries, and great e liquid choices. They even carry American Made and Batch tested e liquid. In fact, all of their products are batch tested.

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We were pleasantly surprised to learn the Fusion is the infamous KR808D1, which is our favorite mini-style e cig. The 808 is easy to handle, small enough to mimic the feel of a regular cigarette, holds plenty of liquid in the cartos, produces thick vapor, and is easy to find parts for.

Price – 5/5

Comparable to Ever Smoke and South Beach Smoke, their Firelight Fusion starter kit is priced at $62.95 and includes 2 250 mAh batteries, 10 cartomizers, and 2 chargers: wall & USB. Replacement Fusion batteries at 250 mAh are only $14.95, a refreshing change from the others that are $20 and higher.

Saving money is easy with their bundle packages. The Couples Kit, for example, is priced at $115.95, a savings of $10+ if you were to purchase two starter kits separately.

Packages of 5 cartomizers are $9.95,  or $1.99 apiece. 50 milliliter e liquid bottles are super low at $27.95 and are available in tobacco and menthol flavor. There are smaller 15 ml bottles priced at $12.95, and the best part is these are made in the USA and also batch tested for its ingredients by a certified third-party testing lab.

All in all, Fusion’s prices are pretty competitive with the other retailers. Like V2, their biggest advantage is getting their liquids batch tested, so you know exactly what you’re vaping.

Customer Service – 5/5

All of our questions were answered by several representatives in a very patient and pleasant manner. All of our orders were shipped promptly and arrived very quickly.

Can’t say anything bad about their customer service!

Update 7/16/12:

Last weekend, a battery stopped working. No light. Just dead.

Submitted a ticket through the company help desk. Response received in a couple of hours – on a Sunday! After an apology for the trouble, we were assured a replacement would be sent.

Come Monday, we received such message, and our new battery arrived Wednesday.

THAT’S what we call EXCELLENT customer service and EXCELLENT no BS warranty coverage! No RMAs to deal with, and no extended waiting for a new part.

Warranty – 4/5

Fusion’s warranty used to run a somewhat paltry 30 days. Because their prices are so low, this warranty coverage seemed more than fair.

Now, they’ve updated and expanded their warranty coverage to where a unit from an order can be replaced up to 5 times.

We’re picky about our warranties… see our post about it for more info.

Selection – 3.5/5

Firelight Fusion offers the popular 2-piece KR808D-1, a solid and reliable e cig model. E liquids are limited to just 6 flavors total, so we’d like to see more variety added in the future. Their US-made liquid There is also a new 15 ml e liquid that is made here in the USA and is also batch tested for its ingredients by a certified testing company.

Cartomizer flavors come in the traditional tobacco and menthol and some flavors. All in all, the selection is good and about average in comparison to their competitors.

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