ePuffer Review


ePuffer E Cigarette Review


While we salute ePuffer for going international and offering vaping solutions to smokers worldwide, we cannot, unfortunately, salute them for their customer service.

Price – 3/5

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We see a huge fluctuation in price due in part to the mAh capacity of the batteries. On one end of the price spectrum, their EAZE Magnum starter kit includes two different-sized batteries (short is 240 mAh, long is 300 mAh), two cartomizers, two chargers, and an additional pack of cartos for a pricey $99.99.

EAZE Magnum batteries run at $49. Considering a standard-sized KR808D1 battery already has 280 mAh, the Magnum’s battery capacity doesn’t really wow.

On the other hand, we have the Colibri Micro, which includes the same (minus one charger) as the EAZE Magnum kits but with a PCC (portable charging case). This, priced at $79, is a better deal than the EAZE Magnum, but the battery life is severely compromised.

At just 120 mAh for the Colibri, we would suggest opting for the EAZE Magnum for this reason alone.

30 milliliters of e liquid are $29.95, which is a few pennies shy of Choice 7’s e liquid.

For a complete list of ePuffer’s battery capacities, visit this post.

Customer Service – 2/5

We received our Colibri NANO kit (two batteries, five cartomizers, PCC, and charger – $79.99) in two days’ time (fast shipping), and one battery’s lights wouldn’t activate.

Making sure its power didn’t discharge during transit, we attempted to charge it anyway, hoping it would take the charge. It didn’t. Situations like this are common: they happen all the time, so it was no biggie we were experiencing problems with a product we just received.

ePuffer gets a low rating because of the incredibly sluggish response from customer service. We emailed their support and didn’t receive a response for a whole three days… and our ticket was submitted mid-week.

We sent two additional responses to our ticket, hoping someone would pick it up and see it and someone finally did.

Once we received the technician’s response with directions on how to go about receiving a replacement, which required us to send back the unit first, it took another seven days of requesting an update on our replacement status via our ticket.

Warranty Coverage – 3.5/5

ePuffer’s 1-year limited warranty and coverage is as follows:
Atomizers – 3 months
Batteries – 6 months
Chargers – 1 year

As told in the previous section, all defective units are to be returned prior to receiving replacement. If ePuffer brand products were purchased from one of their local distributors or retailers, all claims for warranty are to be carried through them and not the main ePuffer company.

Because of our poor experience with ePuffer’s warranty service, we gave it a 3.5 star rating.

Selection – 5/5

ePuffer has it all: a wide variety of e cigarettes,electronic pipes and cigars, and a good selection of e liquid flavors.

We do wish their site is more easily navigable and clean because it’s loaded chock full of senseless information. Unfortunately, because of the sour experience with customer service, we cannot recommend doing business with this company.

Of course, our encounter may be an isolated incident, and we, of course, encourage everyone to do digging/research and arrive at their own conclusion.

Has anyone had a different experience with ePuffer? We’d love to hear your opinions – leave a comment below!

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