Choice 7's Review


Choice 7’s Review


Touted as “The Smoker’s Smart Choice”, 7’s pride in their products reflects in the method in which they conduct business and why they are ranked so highly. Their customer service representatives are as polished and poised as their website is, and their e cigarette starter kits mirror this as well.  This is one of the most highly rated kits on this site for a reason and that is that they are a total package.  They’re doing everything they possibly can to deliver the best possible product at the best possible price.

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Price – 4/5

Their signature Two Kit features two batteries, six cartomizers, one USB charger, and one wall charger and is priced at $59.95. This basic Two Kit is much better than V2‘s Standard Kit, which is a whole $20 more and has the same number of items.

Even better is the price of the His & Her Kit Bundle, which features double the amount but with an extra $10 discount plus two carry cases for transporting your 7’s around.

We’re quite disappointed with their cartomizer prices because $31.95 is the price for a 10-pack of cartomizers, making each carto roughly $3.20. The average 5-pack costs about $12.95 or $2.59 apiece.

But, they make up for this because they sell e liquid to reduce cost and maximize savings. E liquids prices are about average: 15 milliliter e liquids are priced at $15.99 while 30 ml and 60 ml bottles are offered at $29.99 and $54.99 respectively.

Customer Service – 5/5

One of our friends LOVES mocha everything: mocha beverages, mocha-flavored lip balm, mocha-scented facial scrubs… anything mocha takes precedence over all other flavors. Unfortunately, all of our previous encounters with mocha- and coffee-flavored liquids were pretty bad…

When we called customer service to inquire about their mocha cartomizers, the representative noticed our hesitation and proceeded to tell us they would include a pack free of charge with our order. Without guarantee that we would like their mocha, let alone their e cigarette, the representative took a chance and won.

Warranty Coverage – 4/5

Keep in mind that lower prices typically means less time on the warranty coverage, which is the case with Choice 7’s. Coverage isn’t for a “lifetime” or a year, but rather for 90 days. 90 days is still very good in this industry, considering the cost of the kits… but not so much the batteries, which cost $19.95 apiece. Plus, units are to be sent back first.

It’s a give or take situation. Personally, if we were in the need of additional units, we would purchase an entire kit instead of individual batteries.

Selection – 5/5

PCCs (portable charging case), e liquids, funnels, blank cartridges, empty mixing bottles, skins, cases… 7’s has the basics you need and then some. We love seeing companies offering not only the basic necessities but a wide variety of goodies.

Personally, we think it’s good business and keeps customers coming back because they know the company will have it.

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