Bull Smoke Review


Bull Smoke Review


If John Wayne were still alive today, he certainly wouldn’t be smoking… he’d be vaping on a Bull Smoke.





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Price – 4.5/5

Update 3/24/13:
Significant price changes
on their starter kits and batteries. For the same Ranch Hand (and City Slicker) kit that was formerly offered at $74.95, it’s now priced at $29.95, a whopping $45 savings that is hard to beat. The prices of batteries have also significantly dropped at $14.95 apiece of $59.95 for 5. They were formerly $24.95 apiece and $99.95 for 5.

For $29.95, Bull Smoke’s Ranch Hand and City Slicker starter kits feature 1 65 mm Stubby battery, 1 110 mm Kentucky battery with 380 mAh, 10 cartomizers, 1 USB charger, and 1 wall charger.

A 5-pack of cartomizers is the same price as V2, which is $12.95 ($2.59 apiece).

Customer Service – 5/5

We called just to get a feel of how they conduct their business. Wait time on the phone? Nada. Knowledge and courtesy of the representative on the other end of the line? Great! Package arrived promptly.

Nothing bad to say about their customer service.

Warranty – 4/5

Bull Smoke offers a certified lifetime warranty for their chargers and 1 year for their batteries.

Unlike Green Smoke, Bull Smoke ships out replacement parts ASAP if you have a problem with them. We can certainly understand why a company would require the unit to be sent back first, but at least Bull Smoke understands what it’s like to have to wait for a smoke!

We’re picky with warranties and you can read more about it in this post.

Selection – 3/5

Bull Smoke offers three types of batteries (different lengths and mAh ratings), offers flavored cartomizers, and their model is the same KR808D1 we love and highly recommend. What we’re sad about is their lack of bundles and liquid. We’d like to see double kit bundles or kits that include extras. E liquid in the same flavors they offer in their cartos is something else we’d love to see.


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