Refill Your Green Smoke Cartomizers

Although Green Smoke doesn’t want you to refill your own cartomizers, as is evident by the lack of e-liquid on their site, this shouldn’t deter you* from taking advantage of the e cigarette’s money-saving ability. Using the e cig will already save you lots of money, but if you want to save more, you’ll need to start dripping e liquid into your used cartridges.

E Liquid & Green Smoke

There is a learning curve to refilling and you may have to go through trial and error to find a refilling method that is “correct” for you, but once you get it down, refilling will be a breeze.

Step 1: When you look at the cartomizer, you’ll see two small holes, one on each side. On the thread end that attaches to the battery, there is a small hole, and on the end you use to puff from, there is another small hole.

Step 2: E liquid can be carefully dripped through these holes but exercise caution when doing so. Place the nozzle of the liquid bottle to the hole and squeeze gently. You’ll see the liquid slowly drip out and get sucked into the hole.

Step 3: The amount of drops you place will depend on the size of the cartomizer, but 5-7 drops in a used/empty cartomizer is usually a good and safe amount. Any drops past this amount will most likely leak into your mouth upon use.

Another refilling method is through the use of a syringe. The syringe used can be the type with the thicker plastic end or the kind with the needle. Either way, you would refill the cartomizer with the syringe in the same manner described in the previous paragraph.

Occasionally, you’ll run into leaking liquid. After you refill, make sure you remove any excess liquid.

Also make sure the drags you’re taking from the Green Smoke aren’t hard or forceful.

Warning: Certain companies, including Green Smoke, state the use of non-Green Smoke products will void any applicable warranty. Refill at your own risk.

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