Nicotine Gums & Patches Cause Most Child Nicotine Overdoses

Ever heard the say that the first hen to cackle laid the egg? This seems to be the case with the anti smoking crowd pushing the big pharmaceutical funded nicotine replacement therapies that are so prominent in the smoking cessation world today. We already know why the FDA wants to ban e cigarettes, so we need to learn who poisons the most kids with nicotine, the vapor cigarette companies, or the nicotine replacement companies.

They claim that e cigarettes have nicotine and have “flavors” and this is evil because e cigarette companies are trying to get them hooked on e cigarettes and that they will step up to tobacco cigarettes. We already discussed the question of if flavors cause children to smoke or use e cigarettes. It just does not make sense.

I do not see this is fact because of the mass of evidence actually points to the Patch and gums, among other pharmaceutical products causing most of the nicotine problems that they are attempting to pin on cigarettes and  e cig kits and steer them to pharmaceutical cessation products.

Sometimes you do not have to have hard evidence like Live Tobacco-Free Austin using the same ingredients in the e cigarette to make an anti-smoking commercial and actually blowing it in the faces of people with a 4 inch hose during the commercials, sometimes omission of data tells a much bigger story when you look at it from a common sense standpoint.

An example would be that you can find data on children overdosing on nicotine on the CDC, FDA and anti smoking websites, but the data only covers tobacco cigarettes and cigarette butts. There is no mention on these “controlled” organizations NRT’s of the U.S. health care industry.

You can get data on nicotine poisoning of children with tobacco and butts as I stated earlier, but there is no place online that has data on nicotine replacement therapy products.

Someone has this data because someone slipped:

“Acute nicotine poisoning usually occurs in young children who accidentally chew on nicotine gum or patches.”  (Source)

This leads me to believe the facts are being withheld. I have contacted several agencies asking for the data, we will see how this plays out and what responses we get back. I hope they decide to give the data so that we can settle this issue. I will post their responses and any data with it as it comes in on this post.

I have yet to see or read about any case where a child has overdosed on nicotine from an e cigarette product.

I did find a post on another e cigarette site that brought up some interesting facts. The site made a great, but short post on the subject with some interesting points backed by facts.

Although this seems like a valid threat, the chances of such an event are very low, especially so with e-cigarettes. E-cigarette cartridges and tanks and made of strong materials that do not break despite suffering from falls. Additionally, the amount of nicotine found in e-liquids is comparatively lower than ‘approved’ NRT aids. The maximum concentration of nicotine in the strongest e-liquid solution is 24mg/ml. Even with a large sized cartridge that can hold 5 ml of e-juice, the total nicotine content is about 120 mg.

However, NRT methods like nicotine patches contain 168 mg of nicotine per pack while nicotine gum is known to contain almost 500 mg of nicotine in each packet! While approved NRT methods have reported a few cases of overdosing in children over the years, electronic cigarettes have not registered a single case anywhere in the world. Since its advent seven years ago, e-cigs have been shown to be effective and safe.  (Source)

We will just have to wait and see what data come back to get some actual numbers, but from what we are seeing now, it looks like the anti smoking crowd are living and operating on nothing but lies and deceptions. It looks like there is little chance of overdosing on the electronic cigarette compared to NRT’s that the powers that be push on the public.

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