Live Tobacco-Free Austin Hypocrisy & Double Standards Exposed

The Hypocrisy of Live Tobacco-Free Austin seems to know no bounds with it’s campaign. It had a commercial made telling the truth about tobacco smoke, but use the exact same chemicals that are in the electronic cigarette to produce the “Smoke” for the commercial.

The director of this video has confirmed that the artificial smoke for this ad was generated using Glycol-based liquid. That is the exact same thing used in e cigarettes.

I used to get mad at the people who run these anti smoking groups and campaigned against e cigarettes. I used to try and fight them because i thought they were evil, now I just laugh at them for their obvious ignorance and intolerance. It is openly obvious that they are the useful idiots when you read my post on why the FDA wants to ban the e cig.

You have to admit, their ignorance is worth a good laugh! It must be terrible to be a useful idiot because of a warped ideology.

I find it even more hilarious since the timing of this commercial comes out right as another study comes out proving that e cigarette vapor is safe. Guess it’s a good thing or they may have been sued over the PG they sprayed on the actors in the commercial for second hand smoke exposure.

Keep on fighting the good fight and stay safe vaping! If you are a smoker and looking for a good e cig kit, you may want to read a vapor cigarette review or two and find the perfect kit for you.


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