Electronic Cigarette Lifetime Warranty

Should you Purchase An E Cigarette With A Lifetime Warranty?

In addition to price, overall value, and performance, a major factor to consider is warranty coverage. Warranties apply to the replacement of units that become defective during a certain time period, and each time period is set by the company honoring them.

Warranties can be any length of time. We’ve seen warranty periods as low as 30 days to one year to pretty much forever. Certain companies offer extended coverage so long as a previous sales condition is met.

Conditional Lifetime Warranties

Companies like Ever Smoke and South Beach Smoke offer lifetime warranties on the condition you’re enrolled in their automatic home delivery program. The terms and conditions of the delivery program vary with each company, but a predetermined amount of refills are sent monthly. Programs like these are beneficial for those who don’t want to worry about running out of cartridges or other accessories.

The Lifetime Warranty That Isn’t

Perhaps we’re too strict with the word “lifetime”, but then again we’re not ones to beat around the bush or use misleading terminology to dupe the public. By the definition presented in dictionaries, “lifetime” means the life of the product. Our interpretation of the word is forever. To some companies, however, it means the opposite.

Case in point: V2 Cigs. V2’s homepage clearly depicts the infinity symbol alongside the words “lifetime warranty”. Once you click through, however, you’ll learn that V2’s interpretation of the word means 5. Yes, 5 replacements. Now, again, don’t get us wrong because 5 replacements on any order is great coverage. It’s not the coverage itself we have a problem with but the way in which it’s worded. Far too many potential e cigarette customers have already been fooled countless times by companies claiming free trials and extended coverage, and we absolutely abhor when companies – e cigarette-related or not – take advantage of consumers.

Our message to V2: STOP MISLEADING YOUR CUSTOMERS! Enough with the deceptive marketing.

Lifetime vs Shorter Warranties

There is a noticeable trend with e cigarette companies that offer lifetime/extended warranties and those who offer short-term coverage. You’ll notice a major difference in the prices of batteries because the company has to “make up” their potential losses with upholding their warranties. A prime example of this is Firelight Fusion e cigarettes who has lower prices and matching quality with V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Volcano e cigarettes and others. Some companies will charge $30 per battery because they offer year-long warranties. Realistically, $30 covers the cost of shipping and handling and the cost of additional units sent to the customer as well as the shipping costs to and from China.

The battery replacement process between the company and manufacturers/suppliers works a little something like this:
1) Manufacturer/supplier offers batteries at wholesale cost (usually $2 or less apiece for mini-style) with 1-year warranty.
2) Companies sells batteries and offer own 1-year warranty.
3) Companies with extended warranties will sell their batteries at much higher prices to offset loss of costs from replacing defective units.
4) These same companies require batteries to be sent back prior to sending new replacement.
5) Companies then send back defective units to manufacturer under 1-year warranty and receive free replacement batteries.
6) The shipping costs to send replacement units and the costs to send defective units and receive replacements are all factored into the high cost of batteries.

Opting for the company with extended coverage means paying a higher upfront price for batteries.

Our Warranty Pick

Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t like dealing with complicated warranties. We like warranties that are to-the-point. We call these basic warranties, which usually are not in the form of extended warranties whose duration is for one year. Basic warranties usually run anywhere from 30 to 90 days, and the companies offering them do not require defective units to be sent back prior to receiving a replacement. We would rather pay low upfront costs for batteries (think $10 or less apiece) as opposed to $30 per battery if we are to receive our replacements faster. It doesn’t matter that the coverage period is less because, as is our previous experiences, the companies we’ve dealt with are not so strict that they wouldn’t honor replacements for expired warranties.

We have a habit of keeping lots of extra units on hand so we don’t usually run into the problem of being without our vape, but we don’t like when we have to wait an extended amount of time to receive replacement units either. For that reason, we continually do business with companies like Firelight Fusion who [trustingly] send new units to us without requiring us to send back the old units. We realize this is a huge risk for the company because there are people who will take advantage of this, but companies like Firelight Fusion and Bloog Planet have our loyalty and support for giving us the benefit of the doubt AND offering low prices on replacement parts.

In a nutshell, the pros and cons of lifetime/extended coverage versus short-term coverage.

Continuous coverage throughout duration of warranty
May be less costly for long-term users
Peace of mind

Often times, “lifetime” doesn’t mean “lifetime”
Most companies offering lifetime warranties require units to be sent back prior to a new one sent out
The cost of batteries are typically more expensive from companies offering extended coverage

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