How We Rate E Cigarettes For Review

We don’t base reviews of vapor cigarette companies and their products on flashy banners or attractive packing boxes. And we detest mods because of the sheer danger it poses to the user. We base these e cigarettes on factors like price, quality of customer service, and so forth. Below is our breakdown on how and why we rate as we do.

Price:  We grade the prices based on retail prices of kits, batteries, and replacement cartridges or cartomizers.

We have used every e cigarette model to date and are very familiar with what’s on the market. We understand that there are only about 8 that are on the market to any level of saturation.

For example, there is no reason that a KR808D1 (our personal mini e cig favorite) model should cost twice what other comparable models are on the market for that particular e cigarette.

Customer Service: This is huge because e cigarettes are man made, and there will be about 5% of you who get a defective part or two. It simply happens like that.

Retrieving replacements for faulty parts shouldn’t be too difficult. What you shouldn’t have to deal with is jumping through hoops to get a replacement part or having difficulty contacting the company. If they don’t answer emails or the phone, we let you know before you buy from them.

Warranty: Believe it or not, this is where the biggest issue comes from in the industry. There are companies that lie, deceive, and mislead or simply markup their parts (mostly batteries) to cover their losses.

We will disclose what they are doing and indicate what to look for in each review so you know what you are up against.

Selection: Selection is big when you marry into a model or brand. Remember, these are for you to change your lifestyle and choices to leave tobacco in the smoke.

You should have all of the necessary options you can within reason so that you can make the transition comfortably and without any undue stress.

Deceptive Marketing Techniques: BS. It’s all around us. Wherever you go. So forgive us if we don’t take kindly to deceptive marketing practices or excessive brandishing of a brand that really isn’t unique.

In Closing: We couldn’t care less about presentation, the boxes the e cigs are in, or who is using them* because we feel these are not the only factors that should influence your purchasing decision. While an eye-pleasing website and “cool” logo surely get a small amount of recognition from us, in the end, it’s ALL about the product, its quality, and the company’s customer service.

* We’re sure neither Johnny Depp nor Johnny Carson (or any other star for that matter) will be holding your e cig for you at your beck n’ call.

We give you the facts, and it is your ultimate decision on your direction and purchase. All we can say is that it would be foolish not to get into the e cigarette considering that tobacco is a known killer.

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