How To Refill A V2 Cartridge

V2 Cigs‘ cartomizer is unlike a traditional refill cartridge where it has an open top designed for refilling. With the exception of two holes on opposite ends for airflow, a cartomizer is sealed and doesn’t seem to be refillable.

But we’re here to tell you that it is, and it’s actually quite easy to do once you get the hang of it.

There are two very easy ways to refill, and then there are more creative (and time consuming) methods to do it. Regardless of the method, you’ll choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

Placing The Drops Through The Holes

By far the easiest and quickest way to refill is through the holes on the carto. E liquid bottles have a nozzle point that dispenses just one drop at a time. Place the nozzle to the hole, squeeze, and the drops will go right into the carto. This can be done through either the hole on the threaded end or the end where you place your mouth.

Removing The Plug and Dripping

On the end where you puff through is a hard plastic cap that can – with a bit of effort – be removed. Pry off the cap with tweezers so the inside of the cartomizer is exposed and place the drops inside. Replace the cap.

Creative Refilling Ways

Syringes and condoms… not things you’d expect to hear about when thinking about e cigarettes. Nonetheless, these items are used in the process of refilling and, though more time consuming than just dripping, do serve its purpose.

Personally, syringes are a bit overkill. We’ve tried and used them, and they work perfectly fine, but we’re not in the habit of carrying syringes around as we go through our daily routine. We just bring a smaller bottle of liquid (5-10 ml containers) and refill our cartos as we go along. But if you decide to use a syringe anyway, then the needle just needs to be stuck into the hole and the liquid dispensed. It’s said a V2 cartomizer can hold roughly .9 milliliters, or about 18 drops of liquid. In our experience, we don’t like putting this much liquid in there because we almost always have leakage when we do go this high.

As a precaution, we always advise to put less drops just to reduce the likelihood of liquid spilling out during use. It just tastes nasty, and we don’t like having to do additional cleaning!

The other creative refilling method is through the use of a “condom”, which is just the clear plastic sleeve that comes on the end of the carto. (1) Place the plastic sleeve/condom along a flat surface with the open end facing upward. (2) Place the e liquid drops inside of the condom, and then (3) take the carto with the mouthpiece end first and put it into the sleeve slowly. Push the carto all the way down, pick up the carto with sleeve and twirl in a horizontal position to spread the liquid inside, and remove the sleeve slowly. Make sure you thoroughly wipe the carto before use.

Again, a method that is overkill for us but would work for others. It serves its purpose, but it’s so much quicker and less messy to just take the rubber plug out and drip.

We’ve provided the images below that correspond with the numbered instructions above.

(1)                                       (2)                                         (3)


Before you use your V2 cartomizer again, make sure you place your mouth over one end of the cartomizer and blow air through it to remove extra liquid. Failure to remove this liquid can result in leaking when the e cig is used.

And there we have the refilling methods for the V2 cartomizer. We hope this guide helps!

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