Non Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes? You Bet!

What’s The Purpose Of E Cigarettes With No Nicotine?

Almost every e cigarette company carries them with good reason. The reason the e cig is so effective as an alternative is cessation products only provide nicotine while e cigarettes with or without nicotine deal with the act of smoking. If you are looking for e cigarettes without nicotine, Click here, because there are several options for you.

There are many stories across the web where people started with nicotine cartridges and slowly lowered the nicotine level to zero. Not just hundreds, but thousands. You may be surprised by what happens when you make the switch.

Do Smokers Really Buy E Cigarettes Without Nicotine?

The e cigarette is unlike any other product in the world, be it tobacco or cessation because it addresses the rituals of smoking. Need some proof? It does not matter if you are a smoker or a non smoker, you can still pick up on this truth instantly from experience as a smoker or as an observer. You may want to read a comparison of an e cigarette vs regular cigarettes. Click Here to read the facts and fiction on e cigarettes.

Why E Cigarettes Work Better Than Anything Else As An Alternative

Let’s say you smoke, your spouse asks you to go with them to the store. Both of you have agreed not to smoke in the car, you can not smoke in the stores any longer, but you grab your cigarettes and lighter anyway knowing that you will not have time to smoke a cigarette during the trip to and from the store.

You can go shopping in the mall, stay for an hour and not smoke a cigarette until you get home. So why bring them with you?

I believe the answer is simple, it is part of a smokers “identity!  Off all of your friends, do you know which ones smoke and who doesn’t? Sure you do, so not only do they look at it subconsciously, but you do too! You just drew a mental picture in your mind of your friends that are “smokers”.

Millions Of Non Nicotine E Cigarettes Sold

Canada and Australia have banned the electronic cigarette that comes with nicotine, and yet there are millions in each country that still use them. I have a fried that was in China just a few months ago and watched An order of over 1 million e cigarettes going to Canada. If nicotine is the only reason smokers are switching, what are millions and millions of e cigarettes being sold in these two countries alone?

This is the only product in the world that really mimics the look, feel, taste and sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette. I have to admit that it is a lesser product, because there is no tar, no smoke, absent over 4,000 deadly chemicals of which around 60 are known carcinogens.

Less Is More

The e cigarette proves that sometimes…less is more!

Make the switch, you will be glad you did very soon if you do!


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