Argument For E Cigs As Cessation Product Growing

Since e cigarettes have been on the market the argument has been raging about whether or not they can be used as smoking cessation devices. While a conclusive consensus has yet to be reached there have been numerous reports come about lately that certainly seem to lend credence to the argument. Recently a Polish report that had surveyed 179 e cigarette users claimed that over 66% of the e cigarette users had quit using cigarettes altogether and that at least 91% had greatly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by a significant margin.

In addition to this study there have been numerous smokers online who will say that they quit smoking cigarettes altogether through using e cigarettes, furthering the argument for e cigarette proponents. However there are some who have openly expressed concerns about the prospect of e cigarettes becoming smoking cessation products. It is mainly born out of a misconception, though an understandable one, that e cigarettes are somehow meant to lead people to smoke regular cigarettes. In fact, e cigarettes were designed for the opposite reason.

E cigarettes were invented by a single person: not a member of the tobacco industry. The project was designed as a serious alternative to regular cigarettes. With that logic one can assume that they are not intended to further promote cigarette smoking. E cigarettes are not promoted as a smoking cessation product and there are still plenty of studies that should be done before it is conclusively considered one. However, the increase in people who say they have quit smoking with them at the very least makes the argument compelling, especially when you factor in that e cigarettes are now a $2 billion industry rivaling the small cigarette industry.

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