Are E Cigarettes Dangerous To Health?

Is Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous?

I am not going to give my opinion, but I will give top doctors’, scientists’ and other health care practitioners’ opinions and results based on science…

Real science that has stood strong for at least 3 decades.
Science that was the basis for policy change within our governments at Federal, State and Local levels as well as around the world.
Facts that have withstood the test of time and rigors of unparalleled scientific scrutiny.

We are going to start with some strong and profound quotes from some of the experts in the tobacco control field. These are people who detest tobacco cigarettes and the damage they do to smokers so greatly that they have made it their life’s work.

“They [people who use electronic cigarettes] are not going to die from an e-cigarette – but they could die tomorrow from a heart attack due to their smoking.  The carcinogens that we have found are in very, very small quantities, just above the level of detection.”

“ Switching to e-cigarettes with nicotine continued, can be expected to reduce lung cancer risk the same as altogether quitting cigarettes without e-cigarettes.”

— Dr Murray Laugesen, Health New Zealand (

Dr. Laugesen is New Zealand’s most experienced researcher on smoking policy and cigarettes. He founded Health New Zealand Ltd as his research and consultancy company in 1995, after 18 years as principal medical officer in the Department, (now Ministry) of Health, and Public Health Commission.He is an Honorary Life Member, Action on Smoking and Health, (ASH New Zealand, Auckland); received the Queen’s Service Order for public services, and the World Health Organization Tobacco or Health medal and citation “for achievements deemed worthy of international recognition in promoting the concept of tobacco-free societies.”

Did you catch that statement? Let me post it again. “Switching to e-cigarettes with nicotine continued, can be expected to reduce lung cancer risk the same as altogether quitting cigarettes without e-cigarettes.”

He stated that if you use an e cigarette that it is the same as not smoking at all. That is a paraphrase, but we get the point clearly. If the e cigarette is so great and top doctors and scientists know this, they why are anti smoking groups, government agencies (like the FDA) trying to get rid of them? We will get to that a later in the post, but there is more. We can not take just one expert and run with it, that would not be fair and unbiased.

“The level of the same tobacco-specific nitrosamines in conventional cigarettes is at least 300 to 1,400 times higher than what has been detected in electronic cigarette cartridges. In other words, you would have to smoke as many as 1,400 electronic cigarettes to be potentially exposed to the same amount of these carcinogens as smoking one conventional cigarette.”

—   Dr. Michael Siegel, professor at Boston University School of Public Health, who has more than 20 years of experience In tobacco control. ( This is a good read, and everyone considering vapor cigarettes should read it several times.

The Doctor also covers some interest point and ask even harder questions about the FDA, their methods and what the control should have been during their test. He pointed out that they should have been testing their safety compared to tobacco cigarettes, which are the real killer and not comparing them to approved cessation devices.

He then goes even further and states that the FDA omitted the fact that the gums, patches and other cessation products contain the same impurities that they instead tried to demonize e cigarettes for having at barely detectable levels. It has since been discovered that the e cigarette has a lower volume of these “impurities” as classified by the FDA. This means there is little chance of an overdose of nicotine with e cigarettes, but the anti smoking groups have stated this as a reality.

This makes one wonder why the FDA is so intent on destroying the smokeless cigarette or e cigarette. We believe we have some answers for this also, and we will cover this in a future post.

“Smokers smoke because they are addicted to nicotine in cigarettes, but it is the smoke, not the nicotine, which causes a long list of diseases, including lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and emphysema.”

—   New York State Health Commissioner, Richard Daines, M.D. (

We have already established that e cigarettes are no different that most cessation products and millions have called out the FDA on their current policies. Although this last link was more about approved cessation products and the real dangers of nicotine (not really a danger at all according to science), it shows the misguided ideology or hypocrisy of the FDA concerning the e cigarette and its health dangers (or should we say non dangers?).

Take the time to do some research, and you will find some interesting facts on who funds and controls the top decision-making choices at the FDA on cessation and tobacco policies, you may be surprised by what you find. If you have had a course in 4th grade science, then you probably realize that you need to make the switch to e cigarettes by now, so take a look at our top 3 suggestions and pick a kit that is sure to turn your life around. I know it has made a profound difference in mine after 25 years of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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